Anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market will certainly be interested in two important factors: accuracy and transparency. The crypto market is growing and attracting a large number of users around the world, it will surely meet the requirements that the community wants, such as checking transaction history, wallet balance or check Txn Hash,...

So how can users do all of the above? That is thanks to blockchain technology or to be more precise, Blockchain Explorer.

Etherscan is a Blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network. Through this tool, users can use it to search for information such as: transaction history, wallet balance, wallet address, smart contract, ... to help users see all the transactions. Information is transparent and public.

Advantages and disadvantages of Etherscan


Etherscan is considered the most reliable and reputable Blockchain Explorer at the moment. All information is transparent and public. Thanks to the “warnings” from Etherscan, users can predict and understand the cryptocurrency market in general or the projects they invest in in particular.


The interface will be confusing for newbies because there is too much information. Must register an account to be able to use more advanced features.